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'Your white opinion isn't comparable' - College student tries to fact-check Steven Crowder

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Steven Crowder visited Texas Christian University in 2018 and asked students to convince him that male privilege is real.

In this clip, Crowder sat down with two female students and asked what rights in 2018 were afforded to men that are not afforded to women. The women, however, were not interested in discussing male privilege as they wanted to discuss "white male privilege."

"There are lots of countries where they elected one minority president then went back to electing all white presidents," one woman said. Crowder stopped her and asserted that she may be unaware that she was treading on some ground that could make her sound really racist.

The other woman interjected and told Crowder that his white opinion was not comparable.

Watch the clip to hear the full interaction. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.


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