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WATCH: Pat Gray RIPS Vice President Kamala Harris' anti-American Columbus Day speech

Pat Gray Unleashed

Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris issued a virtual address at the National Congress of American Indians 78th annual convention. In her speech, she claimed that President Joe Biden's Build Back Better agenda would help correct the "damage and devastation" inflicted by European immigrants.

In this clip, Pat Gray, host of "Pat Gray Unleashed," expressed frustration for the way Vice President Harris spoke about the history of the United States of America.

"What other nation on Earth does this?" Pat asked.

"This is the only nation on Earth where our so-called leaders talk about what a garbage country the United States is every chance they get," Pat said.

He noted that historically, life among Native American tribes was "not exactly peaceful" prior to the arrival of European settlers.

In a sarcastic tone, Pat joked that "they [Native Americans] were in love with one another. They were always at peace with one another. They didn't ever hurt anything, not even a fly. If a fly came along, they would pet the fly."

Watch the clip to hear more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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