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Candace Owens: We are blessed to live in this country

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"Relatable" host Allie Beth Stuckey sat down Friday with Candace Owens to discuss Blexit, politics, and what Candace sees for herself in the future.

In this clip, Allie briefly explained that Candace began her career in politics with a student organization called Turning Point USA where Candace learned the game of politics. From there, Candace started an organization called Blexit, which focuses on informing black Americans about and encouraging them to leave the left.

Candace emphasized that she does not want people to leave the Democratic Party and sprint to the GOP. Instead, she wants people to educate themselves and form individual views.

"Do you feel like people are waking up?" Allie asked.

"Yes! I do," Candace said.

Watch the video below for the full interview.

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