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Energy industry pro ANNIHILATES clueless Buttigieg, Democrat policies causing gas price hike

Energy industry pro annihilates clueless Buttigieg, Democrat policies causing gas price hike

“Nothing’s more dangerous than government.”

Pete Buttigieg had a completely nonsensical solution this past week for Americans feeling the major sting from rising gas prices: just get an electric vehicle!

"So much is wrong with that statement, from start to finish,” said Jacki Daily, host of "The Jacki Daily Show."

“We need to use what we have right now, in place already, for the immediate crisis. Does he understand there’s a war going on that can quickly explode into something much bigger? Does he understand it?! We don’t have time for this," Daily continued.

Daily, whose career spans two decades of experience in the energy industry, politics, and law, joined Allie Beth Stuckey on "Relatable," to discuss the intricacies of the current situation with oil and gas production that are causing these record-high gas prices, and how Democrat 'green' policies are basically thinly veiled schemes to funnel more money to the wealthy.

"He clearly doesn't understand that electric vehicles are made from oil. Every piece of them are made from oil: the fiberglass, the paint, the battery, everything is made from oil,” Daily pointed out, becoming more impatient with Buttigieg’s cluelessness. “Moreover, I mean, the battery components themselves are made of rare earth elements, the supply chain of which is controlled by China. He’s giving more supply-chain control to China!”

Germany is also doubling down on building more solar and electric-powered vehicles at this time, claiming they control their solar energy, but it’s China that controls solar, and it’s China that controls the electric vehicles, Daily told Stuckey. To top it off, Germany sits atop a sea of natural gas, but because the green movement succeeded in stopping them from fracking, they’ve become totally dependent on Russia for natural gas, which is the same thing seen happening in America.

Despite what the Biden administration would have you believe, Daily explained that the blame for what's going on truly does rest with Biden and Democrats, not Russia. While Donald Trump directed his administration to invest in American energy as much as possible, Biden's administration is using ESG scores to dissuade anyone from investing in oil and gas, becoming a perfect example of how liberal politics negatively affects the everyday person.

Daily also warned against falling for what media and the government spew in their attempt to hype up the fear in Americans over issues, especially during a time of crisis.

“Nothing’s more dangerous than government,” Daily warned. “Government is very powerful. As Elon Musk said, ‘It’s the biggest corporation and has a monopoly on legal violence.’ How about we not hand over our money, and our sovereignty, and our rights, to a handful of people who obviously don’t know what they’re doing, and can’t be trusted.”

Get all the details surrounding the rising gas prices the Democrats don't want you to know below, or listen to the podcast here.

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