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The 'gender unicorn' survey distributed to one class of 10th-graders has parents OUTRAGED

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Imagine a world in which a 10th-grade teacher passes a handout to her class that intended to encourage students to declare gender identity, gender expression, sex at birth, and whether they're physically and emotionally attracted to women, men, or other genders. Sadly, we are living in that world.

Olathe Public Schools came under fire after parents became aware of a "gender unicorn" survey from Trans Student Educational Resources. One source reported that the form was "distributed to only one Human Growth and Development class — and the principal immediately asked students not to fill it out — the same thing happened in the class last February."

The school district said the survey is not part of the school's approved curriculum and acknowledged that the worksheet is "inappropriate" and "unnecessary." Principal Kerry Lane noted that her staff is "working to make sure this worksheet is not distributed to any other classrooms and is not used in any instruction moving forward."

BlazeTV's Chad Prather answered questions from the survey to demonstrate why parents stepped in and had the survey removed from circulation. After taking the survey, Chad offered the best solution for parents to put into action to keep their kids safe: "Take your kids out of public schools."

Watch the clip to hear the whole story. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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