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If we don’t ‘pause’ AI, CHINA WILL WIN. Here’s why.

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Artificial intelligence is definitely going to change the world as we know it. Glenn Beck believes that it’s important we pay attention, because there are things we can do about it.

“We have to pause this, and I’ll explain why,” he says.

Beck mentions a new filter that changes your voice and face to sound and look like Donald Trump’s or Joe Biden’s and says, “This is the year that reality collapses.”

“They say that this is the first time that there has been a content creator outside of man. Now think of this: The only other time there has been a content creator outside of man was religion.”

“By 2028,” Beck says, people “are going to start having relationships with these bots.”

He adds it’s being predicted that “loneliness is going to be the biggest national security threat by 2024.”

“The big concern for me is you can’t stop it. People are going to do something, you cannot stop it.”

However, Beck says America’s enemies — like China — won’t be partaking.

“If you cut it off from the sources now of 100 million people, it automatically slows down. Okay? You can pause it and it’ll slow down.”

However, “they’ve not released a bot like ours in China because they know they can’t trust it to not tell their people about Tiananmen Square. They know that it will probably sexualize their children. So they’ve never released it and they’re not releasing it,” Beck says.

He continues, “By capping it here, it may be the only way to save America. Because they’re saying this is so destructive that if we don’t cap it and pause, China will win because we’ll be in chaos, and just, it will destroy us as a nation.”

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