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'Blaze Media is declaring [its] independence from Big Tech … to ensure that we can keep bringing you the truth'

'Blaze Media is declaring [its] independence from Big Tech … to ensure that we can keep bringing you the truth'

The sad reality of our modern world is that it’s nearly impossible to find the truth, especially when it comes to the news. You can scour the internet, social media, and the reports of major journalistic outfits and still come up empty handed.

Unfortunately, the reason for this is the widespread censorship that’s been throttling the voices of those who dare to stray from the accepted narrative.

The voices that make up Blaze Media are among those that have been both silenced and punished by mega corporations like Meta and Google.

“My Facebook page has been throttled since July by more than 90%,” says Glenn Beck, so if you are “one of the millions who say, ‘Hey, I want news from Glenn Beck,’ you’re not getting it.”

“Here’s what happens,” explains Glenn:

“When publishers [like TheBlaze] host ads on their website,” which is how companies make money, “Google and other major ad exchanges can send bots, and these bots crawl their pages for content that they deem is unsafe for advertisers. After finding something they don’t like — think the Hunter Biden laptop … COVID origin stories, the Palestinian stories, the truth about what’s happening in Israel, the truth about what our country is doing with our money in Ukraine — when they find these things, they demand the ads be removed from the ‘offending article’ or else the entire website will be demonetized. When we say, ‘No, this is the truth,’ they bury the ‘unsafe’ content so deep in their algorithms that it makes it impossible for anybody to find.”

“We’ve been dealing with this every day for years,” continues Glenn, “but as soon as Biden was elected, it became much, much worse, and we are done playing the game.”

That’s why “Blaze Media is declaring [its] independence from Big Tech ahead of the 2024 election to ensure that we can keep bringing you the truth no matter what,” says Glenn.

But in order to take this massive step forward, we need your support.

“If you go to theblaze.com ... you will see a complete redesign. ... news articles, opinion, analysis,” as well as, “lifestyle, sports, [and] tech commentary.” However, “What you will not see are any ads at all,” explains Glenn.

However, this courageous change was made knowing that it will take the backing of our audience.

“We’ll be relying on your direct support,” says Glenn. “This is not possible without you, and we’re counting on you to make sure that we can continue to bring you the truth.”

“We are taking a huge risk; we are investing in more quality content, including expert analysis, insightful commentary, investigative reporting ... and we’re cutting out the middleman and going all in on you,” says Glenn.

“If you find value in this work, we’re asking you to visit theblaze.com right now and subscribe to Blaze News; it’ll cost you less than a cup of coffee per month to get quality content — the best content we’ve ever delivered.”

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