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This ONE move by China proves Democrats don't REALLY care about climate change
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This ONE move by China proves Democrats don't REALLY care about climate change

Whether he admits it or not, President Joe Biden's climate change policies will have a devastating effect on the world this winter. Even though the Biden administration boasts about the (misleadingly named) Inflation Reduction Act being the "most important climate legislation ever passed," the endgame doesn't really seem to be about the Earth's climate. If it were, the administration would be up in arms over China's new plan to "greatly" increase coal production — which will completely wipe out any gains from Biden's climate plan many times over. So, why are we risking global war over "climate change" again?

On the radio program, Glenn Beck and producer Stu Burguiere discuss how America just took one step closer to war and why that war — thanks to the far left — would be based on nonsense and a "warped philosophy."

"I want to put into perspective what you are facing," Glenn began. "There is too much debt in the world, and we are inflating that debt away — central banks are —and it will inflate everything that you have away. You are also looking at a time right now when we could be at war at any time. We just put the 101st Airborne Division into Europe to back Nato up, and the Pentagon said yesterday they are ready to go. They could go into Ukraine at any time. That's terrifying."

"This has been done because of the fight over pipelines," Glenn explained. "The West has decided we're going to cut off all oil and gas ... and they're claiming that this is for climate. But it's not for climate."

"We can pass the biggest climate bill ever, and it gets completely wiped out by one announcement by President Xi [Jinping] that nobody tells you about and we have absolutely no control over," Stu noted. "You are changing your life for that nonsense. It's all wiped out immediately, and this happens every few years. They announce these increases, we don't even look at them, and it wipes out everything that we're doing — all the trillions of dollars, all the money that we're spending."

"So, let me ask you, are you willing to send your son or daughter over to fight for something this flawed? Because ... in the winter, that's what they're going to say, 'it's because the people are starving. They're cold.' Well, you know what's making them starving and cold? Our policy on climate change," Glenn said.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn and Stu. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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