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Brave New World: Is China's dystopian social credit system coming to the US?

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Brave New World: Is China's dystopian social credit system coming to the US?

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On Tuesday's radio program, Glenn Beck broke down the details of China's terrifying social credit system, which controls Chinese citizens with an individual score effected by everything from jaywalking to criticizing the government, and revealed how big tech is currently implementing similar systems here in America.

"Since 2014, in China, the social credit system has been implemented and is evolving into a single nationwide point system for all Chinese citizens," Glenn explained. "It is akin to a financial credit score. It follows you everywhere. There is no place to hide from the cameras. It has evolved now into ... a certain app on your phone. And they monitor you. Every day, you take this app, you open it up, and you have to kind of take a test about what the great leader is doing today. It gives you all the news of what the great leader and what the communists are doing that are so good for you. Then you have to take a test. If you don't open that app every day, your social credit goes down. If you're not taking the test, your social credit goes down. They track you and feed you everything they want to feed you — and you must consume it."

Glenn listed several of the so-called transgressions that negatively impact Chinese citizens' social scores, such as jaywalking, speaking ill about the country, talking to someone who has a low social credit score, supporting Tibetan Buddhism, excessive video gaming, smoking or playing loud music on trains, or failing to sweep the sidewalk in front of your home or store.

"And the punishments are harsh," Glenn added. "There are bans on leaving the country. Bans on using public transportation. So all of a sudden, you get to the bus and your phone says 'offender.' Not enough social credit. You have to walk. You're not taking a bus. You can't check into certain hotels. You will immediately not be hired for any high visibility job. ... Your children may be pulled out of the private school, and may not even make into a public school. It can result in slower internet connections, and also social stigmatization, because you are now registered on a public social blacklist. Your face actually goes up on billboards, electronic billboards in your neighborhood. And anybody who interacts with you, their social credit goes down."

If you're thinking this all sounds frighteningly like Orwell's dystopian "1984," just wait until you hear what they've been up to in Silicon Valley. As Glenn explains, a Chinese-style social credit system is currently being implemented in America, only here it's being served up with a high-tech smile.

"In China, they're doing it by force because of the government. China is going this way, just as Orwell predicted in '1984'," Glenn said. "But just as 'Brave New World' predicted, Huxley said it would come with a big happy face on it. It would come through service and it would be great. And you would want this service. ... They were both right. One, '1984', fits the East. Huxley applies to us, in the West."

Watch the video below for more details:

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