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Glenn Beck: Trust in the government is the real danger

Glenn Beck: Trust in the government is the real danger

Do the American people have short-term memory loss, or are they just too trusting?

Glenn Beck believes that whatever the case is, it is the most dangerous part about the lab-leak theory finally being outed as true.

He makes the point that we have never questioned the narrative. When the government said take off your shoes at the airport, you took off your shoes at the airport. When the government said to strap a mask across your face in order to buy groceries for your family, you strapped a mask across your face.

He states, “George Washington said that the government is like fire. If you are in control of it, it does great things. But if it is in control of you, it will burn down everything. Right now our government is in control of you, not the other way around.”

And boy, is he right.

The government is in complete control. It may look like our geriatric leader is constantly in a state of fumbling words and actions, but he’s not the only one who matters.

Glenn makes another great point when he asks the audience “Did the Iraqis actually have weapons of mass destruction? Did the government not experiment with LSD on black and Hispanic Florida prisoners in the 1960s? Did the U.S. not smuggle hundreds of Nazis into the U.S. after Germany fell? Did the U.S. government not slaughter thousands upon thousands of cattle and pigs to prop up milk, beef, and pork prices during the Great Depression? Did the government mix deadly poisons into whisky to help catch or prevent drinking in the Prohibition era? Did you even know that one? The answer to all these is yes.”

The government has broken the public’s trust too many times to count.

Why do we trust the government now?

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