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THESE FBI actions may be WORSE than the Durham report

THESE FBI actions may be WORSE than the Durham report

The Durham report was recently released to the public, and according to Glenn Beck, it exposed inexcusable moves carried out by our own government — especially, but not limited to, the FBI.

But the FBI’s actions go farther.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) joined Glenn Beck to discuss these actions, and what the next steps are as a country when our own government cannot be trusted.

Jordan says the FBI “didn’t follow the law. There was no evidence, no probable cause, no predicate whatsoever to launch this investigation. They did it anyway. They did it based on a fake document — a document they knew was false.”

Jordan believes that this is because there’s a major lack of oversight.

“We should be in our investigative work, our oversight work, we should be focused on getting every single fact and getting that information, the truth, to the American people, because if you don’t have all the truth on the table and do our constitutional duty of oversight, then you’re not in a position to make the case which we’re going to have to make,” Jordan says.

Beck brings up the expansion of the Capitol Police role in the budget, saying it concerns him.

“They have expanded way beyond the Capitol. They have new offices now in Florida, in California. They are now turning into an intelligence force. Pentagon has given them things to collect intelligence on Americans. This is way beyond their scope,” Beck says.

While Jordan says he doesn’t believe Speaker McCarthy will go along with this expansion, Beck mentions there’s been an increase of $46.3 million since last year. Last year was already a 22% increase from the year prior.

“That’s gotta stop,” Beck says.

Jordan sounds shocked, saying, “We’ll take a look at that.”

While both men are aware of these issues, they’re not without hope.

“I think if you guys keep going,” Beck says, “we’re going to turn a corner. We’re gonna turn a corner because the mainstream media doesn’t have the lock that they used to have.”

Jordan agrees.

“Well said, and praise the Lord for that.”

“The American people are smart people,” Jordan continues. “They have common sense and they hear common sense and they hear good information from you and a bunch of other folks like you, and that makes a huge difference.”

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