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Glenn Beck's 3 BIGGEST midterm takeaways: 'There is only ONE savior, and he's not on a ballot'

The Glenn Beck Program

And Mitch McConnell was WRONG

We've learned some very valuable lessons from this year's midterm elections so far, but perhaps the most important takeaway should be that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should be the model for the entire GOP.

"Any Republican that's not willing to look at Ron DeSantis, and see what he did and how he did it, and begin to model themselves after that is a fool. An absolute fool," said Glenn Beck stated on the radio program. "He is not angry. He is not divisive, at least [not] intentionally divisive. That's not his goal. His goal is to be decisive, and decisive people are perceived sometimes as divisive because a lot of people don't want to make changes. It is time to make changes," he stated.

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