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Is the Shroud of Turin legit? Here's one pastor's interesting take

Is the Shroud of Turin legit? Here's one pastor's interesting take

Is there enough evidence to prove that the burial cloth of Jesus Christ — the Shroud of Turin — is real?

Glenn Beck thinks so.

“I think we all have unbelievable pieces of the puzzle, and one of those pieces I think is the Shroud of Turin,” he says, describing the shroud as “a reverse negative.”

“When his body came back to life, it’s like the burial cloth was a film, and it printed in a burst of light ... the negative of his body in that cloth, and nobody really knows how it was made.”

Prestonwood Baptist Church apologetics pastor Jeremiah Johnston is also a believer — although he used to be a skeptic.

“There has been a pejorative vibe towards the shroud by anyone who isn’t Catholic,” Johnston tells Glenn, though he notes that even C.S. Lewis took the Shroud of Turin seriously.

“Lewis said, ‘I needed a reminder every morning and every evening that my God has a face,’ and so we’re not talking about something weird or fringe here,” Johnston explains.

While some skeptics claim that there’s no way a garment like a burial cloth could last for 2,000 years, Johnston disagrees.

“When you are a student of history, you can see we even have a Tarkhan dress linen shirt, and guess what, Glenn? It’s 3,200 years older than the Shroud of Turin,” he says, adding, “given the right set of circumstances, linen will last forever.”

During World War II, even Adolf Hitler tried to steal the Shroud.

“They had to save it from Hitler’s hands,” Johnston says, noting it’s “the most studied cross-disciplinary artifact in the world.”

The shroud has also gone through a lot more than any average cloth.

“It’s not a hoax, there’s no pigment, there’s no ink, there’s no dye. The shroud has survived three fires, it’s been doused in water twice,” Johnston says.

To learn more, watch the clip below.

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