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Meet Eithan Haim, the heroic whistleblower who’s also — a criminal?
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Meet Eithan Haim, the heroic whistleblower who’s also — a criminal?

What happens when your personal convictions put you in direct violation of the law?

That’s the question Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon in Texas, was forced to confront last year when he discovered some disturbing information about Texas Children’s Hospital, where he was serving his residency.

Despite the institution’s pledge to cease providing transgender medical care to minors in the wake of Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton passing a law that deemed sex changes on minors and puberty-blockers “child abuse,” Haim found that medical staff was continuing to offer services in secret.

He then stepped into the courageous shoes of a whistleblower, but part of being a whistleblower is providing proof, which in this case, is medical records. However, to share sensitive medical information is a violation of HIPAA.

Haim ultimately decided the risk was worth it and gave conservative journalist Christopher Rufo medical records to prove that the hospital was continuing to provide transgender care to minors.

Now, Dr. Haim has been indicted on four accounts for HIPAA violations.

Today, he meets with Glenn Beck to share his story.

“Thank you for what you’ve done,” says Glenn, praising Haim not only for his courage to speak up but also his willingness to go through his savings and retirement funds to pay for the attorneys — and ultimately for the protection of children.

“[My wife and I] had a decision to make,” he tells Glenn. “Do we try to fight back, or do we submit to the ideology and try to make it all go away? We knew that we were going to have kids someday, and what kind of world would we be delivering them into if there’s not men and women in this world who are willing to sacrifice in order to deliver them to a better future?”

“We’ve sacrificed a lot — everything we have, but what you gain back is so much greater,” he says, noting that his wife is currently pregnant with their first child.

“You raise [children] to have the virtues to have a good and fulfilling life,” but “this government is criminalizing those virtues; the justice system is protecting criminals going after the innocent; the medical system is creating sickness and going after the healthy; the education system is miseducating people. It’s like every institution is doing the opposite of what it’s meant to do,” Haim laments. “People like us have to do something about it even if that means sacrificing.”

We applaud Dr. Haim’s courage to stand up for the innocent and fight back against those who prey on the most vulnerable. To donate to Dr. Haim’s cause, visit givesendgo.com.

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