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Why THIS Miller Lite commercial makes Glenn ‘SICK AND TIRED’

Why THIS Miller Lite commercial makes Glenn ‘SICK AND TIRED’

The list of companies that have gone broke for going woke is steadily growing longer.

And Miller Lite may have just added its name to that list.

One of its ads has just been found by the public, and it features a woman ripping down old beer ads that feature beautiful women clad in bikinis.

In the ad, the woman says, “Today Miller Lite is on a mission to clean up not just their s**t, but the whole beer industry’s s**t. Miller Lite has been scouring the internet for all this s**t and buying it back so they can turn it into good s**t for women brewers.”

The s**t she’s referencing includes any and all beer ads that cater to men by featuring beautiful women.

According to Glenn Beck, the video was released before Bud Light’s disastrous campaign with Dylan Mulvaney — and he’s shocked Miller Lite didn’t scramble to scrub it from the internet.

“What were you doing for the last month if not trying to make sure that never saw the light of day again,” he asks.

“I mean, if I’m Miller, I go and see if we can buy an EMP to shut down and erase and fry all the chips. So, you know they say the internet is forever — not with an EMP,” he suggests.

But they didn’t, and Glenn is sick and tired of it.

“So, what you’re saying is that men said horrible things and took horrible pictures of women to sell beer. So, you’re now making that up by saying horrible things about men to sell women beer,” Glenn says.

He continues, “I am so sick and tired of having to deny the natural state of things. The natural state of things is men like women. Women like men noticing them — not being creepy about it, but noticing them.”

Stu adds in his two cents, saying, “It’s a part of the human attraction situation that’s set up, you know, all of procreation and civilization.”

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