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'Youth is being HIJACKED': Student calls out far-left push to 'normalize pedophilia'

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'What agenda will we not accept if the degradation of our youth is allowed to continue?'

Spencer Lindquist, a college student from Pepperdine University and an intern at The Federalist, recently wrote a powerful, scathing editorial titled, "The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It's Out In The Open," which argues America's far-left elite are actively working to destroy the innocence of children.

"The Left has, with a startling degree of success, endeavored to reshape our society by embedding their beliefs within the experience of childhood," Lindquist wrote in the op-ed.

"It isn't just that controversial beliefs are being thrust into childhood experiences, but that the natural curiosity, openness, and naivety that is the inherent disposition of youth is being hijacked to normalize a divergent sexual ethic," he added before offering detailed examples to support his argument.

Lindquist joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to explain how and why he believes this is happening, what could come next, and to share the one thing he says "we can be thankful about."

"This is not about tolerance, or acceptance, or 'love is love.' Those are all rhetorical tools that are being used to advocate the normalization of pedophilia. And if we conservatives grant them that tolerance and acceptance, then we're not going to do the exact thing that conservatives are tasked with doing. If we cannot conserve the innocence of youth, we have no business calling ourselves conservatives in the first place," Lindquist told Glenn.

"The one thing I see that we can be thankful about, is that they are so out in the open about this," he added. "They have become emboldened. And they believe that this is something that the American people are going to accept. But what it is, it's a humiliation ritual, quite frankly. They think that if we'll accept this, then what won't we accept? What agenda will we not accept if the degradation of our youth is allowed to continue?"

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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