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Beck: The Trump case judge should recuse himself NOW

The Glenn Beck Program

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social following his indictment to say the judge overseeing his case, Judge Merchan, “HATES” him, and one can’t help but wonder why.

According to Glenn Beck, the facts are adding up to a potential conflict of interest in Trump’s case.

For starters, Merchan donated three times to ActBlue in the summer of 2020. As its name implies, ActBlue is a progressive fundraising platform that’s widely used by Democratic politicians.

Merchan donated to ActBlue “once on July 26, when the judge’s donation, according to the FEC, was earmarked for President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. The other two contributions were pledged to the Progressive Turnout Project. This is a left-wing pack that rallies voter turnout for Democratic candidates and Stop Republicans.”

Judge Merchan’s daughter even worked for Kamala Harris For the People as director of digital persuasion, then again during Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign. She now is president of Authentic Campaigns, which is a consulting company that lists the Biden-Harris campaign as one of its clients.

“You can’t make this up,” Beck says.

He continues, “This is clearly a partisan, political move, and the judge is bought and paid for. I don’t know how you don’t get at least him to recuse himself, or a change of venue.”

Beck says that despite the Democrats' clear efforts to ruin Trump ahead of the election, he doesn’t think these political moves will work the way they want.

He says, “The last time they played this little game and they were like 'we’ll outsmart them, we’ll show America how stupid he is. We’ll put Trump on wall-to-wall coverage,' didn’t work out as you thought it would. I have a feeling this might not work out the way you think it will either. But we’ll see.”

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