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Agents of chaos on the far left are destroying our country

Agents of chaos on the far left are destroying our country

What are Americans most concerned about?

Well, everything, it seems.

In a recent poll from the State Policy Network Survey, Americans fear literally everything: food affordability and shortages, inflation, rising energy prices, job loss, and possible nuclear war.

Essentially, Americans are living in fear.

Glenn Beck warns that “people can’t live like that. It’s destructive to our health and our country.”

But why are we living like this?

Glenn goes on to explain that it’s because “we have a lack of faith in the truth of God. The eternal truths: don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, love your neighbor. All that stuff is out. We are literally — I believe — doing ancient Moloch rituals in our lives. Evil thinks it’s winning. It’s not going to. It’s causing chaos.”

But who are these agents of chaos?

Glenn goes on to say they’re the ones “fighting to limit speech.”

He uses the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as one of many examples (there are just so many deluded leftist corporations to choose from). This college prides itself, like all do these days, on its love of diversity and inclusion.

However, it's decided that it's going to ban pro-life doctors from attending — which is the opposite of diversity. It’s censorship of anyone’s opinions that differ from its own.

And it’s absolutely chaotic.

These agents are only concerned about their own power and shutting down anyone who disagrees.

And according to Glenn, it’s time to stand up and stop it. He says, “There’s a great evil happening in our country. And it’s easy to define. We just have to start saying it out loud.”

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