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We now know WHY Apple deplatformed Glenn Beck (well … kind of)

We now know WHY Apple deplatformed Glenn Beck (well … kind of)

Yesterday, Glenn Beck received the following message from Apple Podcasts: “We found an issue with your show, ‘The Glenn Beck Program,’ which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts. Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.”

This notification came with zero explanation and zero means of rectifying the issue, but thankfully people rallied around Glenn in support of his shows being restored. Even people on the left who diametrically oppose Glenn on nearly every issue spoke out against the deplatforming.

Luckily Apple listened and restored Glenn’s shows.

Well, sort of.

“1915 episodes of [a] three thousand plus catalog” were restored, but where are the other 1,000+?

Yesterday Glenn got his answer. Apparently he was deplatformed due to a “trademark dispute.”

“Wow – over 3,000 episodes all over a trademark issue?” says Glenn, clearly skeptical of the situation.

He recalls a minor trademark issue that was resolved back in June, involving one single episode.

Could this massive deplatforming have something to do with that? But “why would you remove over 3,000 episodes for a dispute with one?” asks Glenn.

Unfortunately, Apple has not responded to that question yet, but Glenn is determined to find answers.

Although the situation is incredibly frustrating, Glenn is reminded of something incredibly important: “The elites have always wanted to control what you see and what you hear; now Big Tech is giving them the means to do it,” he says.

But fortunately, you have choices.

“This is why we built TheBlaze,” Glenn says.

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