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Glenn Beck: 'When will the media realize they are on the side of death?'

The News & Why It Matters
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On Monday's episode of "The News & Why it Matters," Stu Burguiere, Sara Gonzales, Jason Buttrill, and Glenn Beck discussed the tragic events in Portland, Oregon, over the weekend when Antifa protestors beat a gay Asian journalist because his views leaned right.

Andy Ngo was filming an Antifa rally Saturday when he was physically assaulted by Antifa members and later learned that the attack caused brain hemorrhaging as well as cuts under his eyes.

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Stu asserted that what happened in Portland was a prime example of what happens when a city enacts a crazy campus mentality at a public level and compared it to the way that the Covington Catholic High School students were treated by the media.

"Did you see all of the red shirts there with the DSA logo? I wouldn't be surprised to find that some of the stuff is funded by Russia. I mean It's truly remarkable what is happening and the city is not responding and what do you have in the end? What is going to happen to Portland in the end?" Glenn asked.

Jason added that Antifa members claimed that they attacked Ngo because they simply did not want Ngo at the demonstration.

'We had a gay minority beaten and given brain hemorrhaging during pride month and the media is silent," Jason said.

"When will the media realize they are on the side of death?" Glenn asked rhetorically.

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