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Glenn Beck sets the press straight over a fake news hit piece

The News & Why It Matters

The tragic sight of watching the Notre Dame spire collapse

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The press taking something out of context should come as no surprise, and no one understands the laziness of the press better than Glenn Beck.

On Tuesday's episode of "The News & Why it Matters," Sara Gonzales, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere and Andrew Heaton took a few moments for Glenn to clarify his remarks that were taken out of context by Newsweek and Media Matters.

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Following Monday's edition of "The News & Why it Matters," Newsweek reported that Glenn had blamed Muslims for the fire that destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France that day.

As the world watched the footage of the blaze, the spire collapsed from atop Notre Dame, which prompted Glenn to describe the sight as reminiscent of watching the Twin Towers fall on Sept. 11, 2001.

What did Newsweek Say?

Newsweek published an article on Monday titled, "GLENN BECK COMPARES NOTRE DAME FIRE TO 9/11: 'THIS IS THEIR WORLD TRADE CENTER MOMENT."

The article called Glenn a conspiracy theorist by isolating his remarks regarding the terrible tragedy at Notre Dame earlier that day, and generated a false narrative that was out of context.

Beck's response

"I despise the laziness of the press," Glenn said. He went on to clarify that had the press simply reached out for comment from BlazeTV, watched the full episode of "The News & Why it Matters," or even read some of Glenn's tweets the context in which Glenn's remarks were intended would have debunked the Newsweek article.

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