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Candace Owens SOUNDS OFF on public education propaganda: '18 years of brainwashing'

The Rick & Bubba Show
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Daily Wire host Candace Owens joined cohosts Rick Burgess and Bubba Bussey on the "Rick & Bubba Show" this week to share her personal journey from liberal to conservative and to weigh in on the ongoing attack on family values perpetrated by the mainstream media and the education system.

"I was raised very conservatively by my grandfather," Candace began. "He just was a kind of no nonsense man from the South, born and raised in in North Carolina during the time of segregation. [He] always worked ... was working since he was five years old. And, you know, more of what I learned was caught and not taught. I just saw him and my grandmother in a very functional relationship, how happy they were their entire life. My grandfather never complained about anything. He just thought that the ability to be able to work and to contribute was the ultimate blessing in life, and he placed nothing above his family."

Candace admitted that she was "resentful" of her family's conservative nature when she was young and "went the exact opposite way," becoming "spiritually liberal" as a young adult.

"I kind of believed in all the nonsense, that liberalism represented freedom and that all I had to do was let go and go with the world," she explained. "Very quickly, it made me miserable … I had nothing of substance in my life. You know, when you're chasing these things that don't actually provide you with any value, it shrinks you as a person on the inside."

Candace went on to rip into the public education system for what she described as "mass brainwashing." She warned that schools and the mainstream media combined have a "very real and very relevant" impact on young minds and in turn on the majority of public opinion.

"We don't talk enough about the effects of propaganda. We don't talk enough about the impact of a Department of Education that has been intent upon teaching children first and foremost that they can undermine their parents ... that family structures are not something that they need," she stated. "If your kid goes to the public school system, you've got 18 years of brainwashing that has to be undone."

Watch the video clip below or find more from Rick & Bubba here. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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