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WATCH: Will Fauci's latest goalpost-move cause even Democrats to abandon him?

The Rubin Report

When is enough, enough?

On "The Rubin Report" Monday, host Dave Rubin discussed ever-increasing anti-vaccine mandate protests going on in Europe and Australia, Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears' "spectacular" interview on CNN, and the ever-increasing number of COVID booster shots that may be required if Dr. Anthony Fauci has it his way.

Dave started out with sharing a clip from anti-vaccine mandate protests in Perth, Australia. Vaccine mandate backlash is now causing massive protests in other countries, but the American media is barely covering most of these major events.

"Why is it that mainstream media never shows us when thousands and thousands of people and free democracies stand up?" Dave asked. "Could it be that the mainstream media is actually working for the elites and whoever it is that wants to keep you controlled and quiet and scared, and they don't want you to realize that you have far more power than you think if you just speak up? You might inspire somebody else to speak up, and next thing you know, three people are speaking up. And then, God forbid, you've got four and ... suddenly you're living as a free human beings the way God intended. Could that be?"

Dave also shared a clip of Winsome Sears' fiery response when CNN host Dana Bash asked if she was vaccinated.

"Sorry, it's none of your business, Dana Bash, whether Winsome Sears is vaccinated," Dave said. "This has nothing to do with people's personal decisions related to vaccines. It has everything to do with government coercion. Do you not understand that, Dana Bash? I understand that you, Dana Bash, and the rest of your employees and friends at CNN are a bunch of seals, right. So, if the government tells you to do things, especially if it's a government you like, as in the case of Joe Biden, then you'll gladly do it. I suspect, Dana Bash, that if Donald Trump was still president and demanding that everyone get vaccines, you'd be pushing against it."

Finally, Dave played a few clips showing Dr. Anthony Fauci once again moving the goalpost when it comes to COVID-19 protocols including vaccine booster shots, mask-wearing, and holiday gatherings.

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of "The Rubin Report" here:

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