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Chris Rufo REVELS in NY mag writer's humiliation after magazine issues 'very embarrassing' correction

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'It's one of our country's greatest ironies that Jonathan Chait's columns appear under the header "Intelligencer"'

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Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo celebrated a "win" on Twitter after New York magazine finally issued a correction on an Intelligencer article from April that misquoted him.

"Winning," Rufo wrote. "New York Magazine's @jonathanchait fabricated a quotation in an attempt to smear me, but I caught him red-handed and his editors had to retract the false statement and issue a correction. Very embarrassing for him.

"Funny how Chait 'misquoted' my remarks using completely different words and changing the entire meaning of my sentences in a way that just so happened to turn me into the villain in his narrative. It's one of our country's greatest ironies that Jonathan Chait's columns appear under the header 'Intelligencer,'" Rufo added.

Jonathan Chait, the article's author, was incensed. Apparently, he doesn't consider misquoting a person and intentionally changing the meaning of his words to be all that big a deal. In fact, it was a "minor" mistake, not embarrassing at all, and by the way he has "standards."

"In fact, the misquote said virtually the same thing as the original. The misquote was minor (I will quote both in a follow-up) but we corrected because, unlike Rufo, we have standards.

Rufo was happy to help Chait understand the error of his ways.

"Regime journalism 101: 'Yes, I absolutely fabricated the quotation to push a pre-conceived narrative, but it's not a big deal. Trust me,'" Rufo tweeted, before posting a side-by-side comparison of his actual quote and Chait's misleading version, complete with the explaination:

"On the left is Chait's fabricated quote, which suggests that I 'instructed' conservatives to 'create an atmosphere' of school distrust. On the right is my real quote, which says that teachers unions and school bureaucracies have already created distrust. These are not the same."

Nope, these are clearly not the same.

Why indeed.

Rufo recently joined Dave Rubin, Spencer Klavan, and Josh Hammer on “The Rubin Report” to talk about the cost-of-living crisis most Americans are facing and why it’s important to stand up to people like Jonathan Chait or BNC News’ Marc Lamont Hill who try to smear anyone who doesn't share their leftist world view.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Dave. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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