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Joe Rogan admits what Democrats have become

The Rubin Report

Joe Rogan is waking up to just how corrupt the Democratic Party has become, and it’s a glorious sight to behold.

Rogan recently took to his podcast to rant about what the left has been doing to our country over the past few years. He says that rather than painting every issue in red or blue and remaining loyal to those colors, people need to take a harder look at the actions the politicians who represent those colors are taking.

He continues, “Whether it’s war, suppression of free speech, pharmacological interventions that are mandatory — whatever it is — that all used to be associated with the authoritarian right, and now those things are being embraced by the left.”

Rogan believes the reason people refuse to see anything from the opposite side's point of view can be boiled down to ideology. “We get confused and think we’re on the right side,” simply because it's the side we’ve assigned ourselves to.

No one is thinking critically about this, and it’s time to change that. However, Rogan clearly is, and Dave Rubin is thrilled to see that he’s waking up.

He says, “You don’t have to be a Republican, but you can’t be a Democrat. That is what Joe Rogan is waking up to, and that’s what many other people are waking up to.”

While Rogan did not vote in the last election, he says he would vote for DeSantis this time around — which is obviously a better decision than casting a vote for one of the power-hungry authoritarians on the left.

Rubin comments that this is better late than never, saying he still doesn’t know how Rogan couldn’t have foreseen what we were getting into with a Biden presidency and didn’t vote against him by voting for Trump.

Rubin says, at this point, “if you care about freedom and you care about free speech,” it’s fairly obvious you need to vote for a Republican.

And that is a hard point to disagree with.

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