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Newsom's sudden lockdown lift BACKFIRES, further fuels 'Recall Gavin' campaign

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'Political theater and nothing more'

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) lifted stay-at-home orders across the state Monday, citing improving COVID-19 conditions, but BlazeTV's Dave Rubin maintains that "without question [the] lockdowns were political theater and nothing more."

"I think it's become very obvious that this all was about politics. This all was about destroying Trump and crushing the economy enough so people would be frustrated and blame everything on Trump even though Trump handed the power to the governors — you know, the 'authoritarian Hitler guy' who was actually letting the governors do what they thought was best," Dave said on "The Rubin Report" this week. "And I don't think Newsom or [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo or any of these guys who have locked down their states and destroyed countless amounts of lives have any bit of guilt or remorse or anything. They've done truly, truly terrible things."

Dave also argued that the California governor's sudden decision to end stay-at-home orders was in response to the rapidly growing "Recall Gavin" campaign, as the number of required signatures crosses a major threshold to qualify for a statewide ballot. He shared charts from the New York Times that indicate seven-day averages of new coronavirus cases are actually higher now than they were in early December 2020, when Newsom announced a second round of strict stay-at-home orders for the region.

"I do have a special message ... Gavin Newsom, you're getting recalled," Dave said before encouraging Californians to find the nearest location to sign a "Recall Gavin" petition. "He deserves to go, he really does."

Watch the video below to hear more from Dave:

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