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Norm Macdonald explains what 'cisgender' is to confused guest

Norm Macdonald explains what 'cisgender' is to confused guest

The legendary comedian Norm Macdonald passed away almost two years ago, but his humor lives on. Considering the bottomless supply of leftist nonsense that Norm wove into his jokes, it will likely live on forever.

In an old clip from his show, "Norm Macdonald Live," Norm explains what a "cis male" is to a fellow comedian.

“You know that you are a cis male; have you ever heard of that term?” Norm, wearing his classic "Sports" hat, asks his guest.

His guest, confused, repeats the term, “Cis male?”

“What it means is that you are a man. You’re born a man,” Norm explains.

"And you identify yourself as a man,” he continues. “That’s a cis male.”

“Now, I don’t understand,” his guest, still confused, says. “Is this a new phrase?”

Norm, in his famous deadpan brand of humor, answers, “Yes, it’s a way of marginalizing a normal person. Another person’s a trans, so you’re equal,” he continues calmly. “She’s a man that thinks she’s a woman. You’re a man that thinks you’re a man.”

“It’s all fluid,” his guest responds.

“Yes, everyone is self-identifying,” Norm says.

Dave Rubin, a comedian himself, is a fan of Norm’s joke.

“Guys, the point is — it’s all ridiculous. We can use their language, we can try to just respond to them. Or, what do I always say, we can build new things, we can fight back effectively, we can separate from them, we can elect better politicians.”

“At the end of the day,” Rubin continues, “it’s all us.”

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