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WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard BLASTS the left's cancel culture and Big Tech censorship

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'If this can be done to me as a member of Congress running for the highest office in the land ... it can be done to anyone'

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Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) explained to Dave Rubin, host of "The Rubin Report" and newest addition to BlazeTV's platform, why she has filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging the tech giant uses their enormous online influence to censor voices and to sway elections.

"In the first [Democratic primary] debate, I was the most Googled candidate of the night, when all of a sudden, right at the peak of that time when people were paying attention, our account was suspended," Gabbard told Rubin. "And then, once that peak period passed, our account was magically reinstated. We still have not gotten any kind of meaningful, or even an attempt to provide a satisfactory explanation for it. Which just points to the need for change."

"If this can be done to me as a member of Congress running for the highest office in the land," she continued, "it can be done to anyone running for any office in this country and it can be done to any individual in this country."

Watch the video below for more details:

Check out Gabbard's full interview with Rubin here.

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