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Jon Miller calls out the left's 'appalling' double standards in wake of Sri Lanka bombings

The White House Brief

Violence only matters when it fits the left's agenda

Democrats and the mainstream media are having a hard time acknowledging the Islamic extremism that killed more than 300 Christians on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, asserted Jon Miller on Tuesday's episode of "The White House Brief."

Jon noted that during Monday's five back-to-back town halls with Democratic candidates, CNN didn't ask a single question about Muslim extremists. Following the Christchurch mosque shooting, the mainstream media reacted with near-hysterics over the "rising threat of white nationalism." In contrast, when Christians were targeted by Islamic extremists, the media just stuck to their tired narratives about impeaching President Donald Trump.

"Remember when the Christchurch shooting happened, there was this huge rush to condemn white men," said Jon. "But after this attack, if you listen carefully enough you might even be able to hear the crickets chirping in the wind."

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Liberal DOUBLE STANDARD: Violence Only Matters When WE Say It Does!

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