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One-Click Petition: Tell Your Senators to Audit the Fed

If you grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, you remember a time when the average husband could easily support his family – without putting his wife to work.

You remember a banking system that was a good, honest steward of your money.

And you remember when a dollar was a dollar… and every dime and quarter was made of 90% silver.

Today, millions of two-income families are struggling to make ends meet.

The same $1 that once bought you three gallons of gas will only buy you one-third of a gallon. And the price of everything else, from health care to food to electricity and even college tuition continues to soar.

Make no mistake; this dollar crisis is destroying the American middle class.

And one organization has been its chief architect: The Federal Reserve.

Did you know…

Thanks to the actions of the Fed, the basic necessities of life have become so expensive, according to a recent National Retirement Confidence Survey, 70% of American workers plan to work for pay after they retire. It’s true. And I’m sure you’ve noticed how much harder it is to plan for the future and confidently invest in the stock market.

Everything we’ve worked for is at risk of being taken away. And a growing number of Americans are saying, “Enough if enough. This madness has to stop!”

And that’s the rallying cry of a tiny group that’s emerging as a potent challenger to the Federal Reserve.

This group calls themselves The Project to Restore America.

The strange thing is, they are non-partisan. They never ask for political donations… Nor do they organize public protests.

What they’re doing is… merely asking patriotic Americans to support Ron Paul’s efforts to audit the Fed… along with his son Rand’s similar bill in the Senate, S 202 through a “one-click” petition they’ve posted online.

Click here to sign the one-click petition to Audit the Fed.

Although the majority of Americans would like for the Federal Reserve to be audited, a major showdown awaits in the Senate, where powerful forces are plotting to crush any attempt to bring transparency to the Federal Reserve.

According to The Project’s director, Wendy Bidwell, we as Americans have two choices: “It’s pretty simple,” she says. “We can let them continue to gut the value of the dollar… or choose to fight back. And we’re fighting with everything we’ve got.”

Click here to sign the one-click petition to Audit the Fed.

The Project to Restore America has created a special one-click petition that will ensure your Senators know where you stand in the weeks ahead. If you agree with Ron Paul’s belief that now is the time to audit the Fed, you can click here and sign it. All it takes is 30 seconds of your time. And The Project says it will directly notify your Senator.

 Click here to sign the one-click petition to Audit the Fed.


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