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In the August 2015  Issue

This fall, Hollywood will be pushing out a new film, "Trumbo," starring Bryon Cranston, which will glamorize and celebrate the life of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, an influential agent of Josef Stalin in the U.S. and supporter of Adolf Hitler. Allan Ryskind, son of famed Marx Brothers screenwriter Morrie Ryskind who testified before HUAC as a friendly witness and exposed the Communist penetration of the Screen Writers Guild, reveals the truth about Trumbo in his cover story exposé.

Plus, you won't want to miss Dan Gainor's feature item on policing in America. "Good Cop, Bad Cop" takes a look at the belief that the police are corrupt, out-of-control, racist and abusive. But is that true? Law enforcement is often the subject of criticism and focus of protests. Is it justified, or is there something deeper going on?  

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