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African Americans enjoy a chance to succeed here, more than any nation in the world

Tomi Lahren

Tomi talks with Autry Pruitt about Trevor Noah lecturing black Americans on black America. Autry is appalled by Trevor's weight being tossed around towards black Americans. His response to Trevor is, "black people who have a problem with society should go get the best possible job you can, make as much money as you can, in other words be Trump about it." Autry thinks we should do something that adds to our families and communities bottom line.

"[Trevor Noah] knows nothing about growing up in black America, I know black America," Autry says. "The facts are that African Americans in this country enjoy from all walks of life a chance to succeed and have greater wealth than any other nation state in the world. That's what the Left doesn't want to tell you, if that wasn't true then Trevor Noah would be hosting his damn show in South Africa and not in New York City."

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