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Americans are having a difficult time recognizing facts over opinion in news stories Pew finds


The Pew Research Center released a study on Monday that found only a quarter of Americans surveyed can recognize the difference between facts and opinion.

The poll consisted of 5,035 American adults above the age of 18 and was conducted in February and March.

The goal was to determine whether the selected group could decipher what's factual information and what's opinion. Each respondent received five factual statements and five opinions and was asked to identify what was factual and what was an opinion.

The findings?

Only 26 percent of those who responded were able to identify all five factual statements and only 35 percent correctly identified all five opinion statements. The report found that a quarter of those who responded got most or all wrong when it came to identifying factual statements from opinion.

Find the detailed report here.

On Tuesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Jeffy Fisher and Sara Gonzales discussed the alarming findings.

See the clip above. 

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