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Andrew Klavan: Here’s why conservatives should listen to Hollywood

Pat and Stu

Our country is too divided because people tend to listen only to opinions they already agree with, screenwriter and author Andrew Klavan said on Thursday’s “Pat & Stu.”

The novelist described how he strives to talk to liberal acquaintances without making fun of them and finding areas where they can agree. It’s important to step out of your ideological box and make sure you’re reading and hearing opinions you disagree with.

“We can have very good conversations,” Klavan said.

Conservatives actually have an advantage when it comes to understanding liberals because both the entertainment industry and the news media are “owned” by the left, Klavan asserted.

People who lean toward the right can learn how liberals think from entertainment and news media and counter their ideas to show where conservative ideas are better. In a way, liberals have a disadvantage because they have such a stereotypical, narrow view of the right.

“They make us into clichés,” Klavan noted.

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