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Are we preparing a preemptive strike on North Korea?

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck took to his famous chalkboard on "Glenn" to break down the situation in North Korea. The press treats the region as if it's another Iraq or Iran, but Glenn likened it more to World War II in its potential damage to the world economy and possible total deaths of American soldiers and allies.

Former President Barack Obama warned President Donald Trump during the White House transition that North Korea is the "most urgent of problems." Since January, the nation has performed 7 ballistic missile tests and restarted plutonium production.

Glenn wondered what the Obama administration was doing all the time they knew North Korea was becoming a problem. Giving the benefit of the doubt, he thought maybe they were working with China to achieve a diplomatic solution. Unfortunately, despite meetings and a September 8, 2016, press conference, nothing discussed was actually accomplished, leaving our allies South Korea and Japan to feel abandoned.

With a new presidential administration, progress has been made in addressing the threat North Korea poses. China took actions directly affecting North Korea's economy even before Chinese President Xi Jinping met with the President. Trump also pulled the trigger on the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system Obama teased in that September speech. Additionally, the Carl Vincent carrier battle group and a nuclear submarine have been sent to the Korean peninsula, as well as a thousand United States Marines stationed in Australia.

America appears to be preparing for a considerable preemptive strike on Kim Jong Un's regime.

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