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As Americans abandon religion, what consequences will follow?


Glenn Beck and the Think Tank Panel chewed over the decline of attendance at America's churches and the possible implications it may have for our culture.

Glenn started off the discussion by echoing a sentiment that resonates with many today: "I love Jesus. I'm just sick of religion." Tracy Levinson agreed and cited studies that Christians, particularly young people, are abandoning organized religion en masse.

The panel consensus was that hypocrisy in institutions and figures we respect, such as parents and religious leaders, has turned us off to "church" and "churchiness" as a whole, causing Tracy to point out the disconnect in congregations as they face an altar and not each other.

Glenn referenced 'Homo Deus,' a book he is currently reading which warns of the path of imagined god-likeness humanity seems to be walking down with information and technological advances.

"How did that work out when man became godlike in the Bible?" Doc Thompson asked, referencing the Tower of Babel story where human pride lead to our separation by language. Glenn seized on this concept by noting our dependence on binary language, which makes up the foundation of all digital language which runs our world.

"If you don't understand how binary language works all of a sudden, nothing works," said Glenn, "and nothing can be repaired. And our towers come crumbling down."

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