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Black conservative gets death threats from white progressives for his views on Obamacare

Glenn Beck

TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones has received backlash for his conservative views on Obamacare even as he advocates for the black community, Jones said Monday on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Jones went on Fox & Friends Sunday to respond to comedian Wanda Sykes, who said on “The View” that the fight to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is rooted in racism.

The “30-hour rule in Obamacare affected my community harshly,” Jones said on Sunday, referring to an Obamacare provision. “A lot of us weren’t able to get jobs and couldn’t get the necessary hours because of that 30-hour rule. So I think it’s really comical that the liberals are all of sudden concerned about black America.”

Jones came to the studio on Monday to talk about the backlash to his comments.

“I got a slew of death threats, and a lot of these were white progressives,” Jones said, detailing a comment from someone who said Jones deserved to be “strung up” for being a “white-loving black person.”

Jones, who now describes himself as a conservative libertarian, talked about his shift from campaigning for Barack Obama to focusing on real issues and how conservative ideas can help. He responded to people who call him a “sellout” because he doesn’t buy into the liberal agenda anymore.

“How am I racist? I’m fighting for you,” Jones said.

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