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BOMBSHELL: Stunning exposé uncovers deception and blatant bias at the New York Times


The New York Times published a piece that cast serious doubt on the accuracy of one of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers on Monday. Later, the same piece was heavily edited to remove any language that weakened the arguments against Kavanaugh, and the original version was nowhere to be found. The story's author has since claimed on Twitter that the edited material never existed to begin with.

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Mike Ciandella, a reporter for TheBlaze, joined Glenn on Wednesday's episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to fill us in on how he uncovered this example of blatantly deceptive and biased journalism coming from the New York Times.

"It's a crazy story, especially in how clearly provable this is," Mike said. "This isn't something where we are just speculating or assuming. I have a copy of the old one. I have a copy of the new one. The words are clearly here, they're clearly not here. That's as black and white as you're ever going to get."

Watch the video above to hear more on this stunning discovery.

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