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CNN heads to South Dakota motorcycle rally to observe pro-Trump biker culture and lack of minorities


CNN correspondent Bill Weir headed to Sturgis, South Dakota, to observe why biker culture is so white and so pro-Trump.

In the opening segment, Weir meanders through the streets where the world's largest motorcycle gathering in the country is taking place and marvels at the lack of minorities.

"This is one city that looks nothing like the rest of America," he said. "You can go hours without seeing a person of color. In Sturgis, a minority is a white guy on a foreign bike."

Weir was equally astonished by the low crime and violence considering a small town goes from 7,000 residents to half a million during the course of the rally.

While Weir wondered about the town, he proudly donned a CNN "Facts First" T-shirt and opened the teaser by riding down the streets in a Harley-Davidson.

He later talks to several bikers to find out what they like about the president and how they feel about the media.

"Do I strike you as an enemy of the people?" asked Weir to two men attending the gathering.

"Not whatsoever," replied one man.

On Friday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat and Keith were collectively upset about media talking heads dividing Americans on the basis of race.

"Just trying to sew the seeds of discord in America," Keith said.

"Of course Sturgis, South Dakota, is a white place," Pat added. "Everybody knows that."

Catch the entire segment in the clip above.

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