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Blind football player snaps the ball for USC

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University of Southern California football player Jake Olson snapped his first ball in a live game against Western Michigan. The catch? Jake is blind. He lost vision in one eye to cancer as a baby, and was forced to have the other removed as a teen, but that never stopped him from chasing his dreams.

Jake played two years in high school and was able to snag a scholarship for disabled athletes. USC coach Clay Helton wanted to make Jake’s dreams come true, so he made an agreement with Western Michigan’s coach, Tim Lester. Together they made arrangements to keep Jake safe while he snapped the ball; Western Michigan would not rush their rivals while he was on the field. When the time came for his snap, if Jake scored, a win would be highly unlikely for Western Michigan. In a spirit of the greater good, they gave up the fight to let Jake flawlessly snap the ball, and lost the game.

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