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Did the Founders believe in income tax? Take the Tax Day quiz

Glenn Beck

On Monday's “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” the guys talked about turtle tunnels and income tax as they prepared for the Tax Day deadline.

Glenn Beck objected to tax money being spent on projects like “turtle tunnels” when he could have helped people through charity or by creating new jobs. “I could have taken that money, a vast sum of money, and done all kinds of things with that. I could have hired new people. ... I could have created jobs. We could have given that money to a charity where a hundred percent of those dollars goes to the cause.”

“So you want ‘people tunnels’?” Stu Burguiere joked.

Stu, Pat Gray and Jeffy Fisher then attempted to answer questions from the Tax Day quiz, including the time Congress did not eliminate income tax following a war and what the Founding Fathers thought income tax should be used for.

Jeffy got an “easy” question: What was the highest income tax rate Americans have ever paid?

“The highest I ever paid was 18,” Jeffy quipped since he had been saying "18" for every question. The answer was a whopping 94 percent, although that tax bracket only applied to money made past an income of $200,000.

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