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DISTURBING: Modern feminists don't want you to hear about this tragic 'gender fluidity' experiment

Glenn Beck

In the mid-1960s, renowned psychologist Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins University encouraged the parents of Bruce Reimer, an infant whose penis was irreparably damaged during a botched circumcision, to raise their son as a girl.

Money theorized that gender was not determined by physical characteristics but by the way a child is raised. He jumped at the opportunity to use Bruce and his twin brother, Brian, as test-subjects to confirm his "gender fluidity" theory. Under Money's direction, Bruce was raised as a girl, undergoing gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, and was never told that he was biologically male.

Throughout their childhood, Bruce and Brian had regular psychiatric visits with Money as part of his study. He allegedly directed the twins to inspect each other's genitals and forced them to imitate sexual acts with each other as part of their "treatment."

Over the years, Money claimed that his "gender reassignment" experiment, which he called the John/Joan study, had been successful and that Bruce, now named Brenda, happily identified as a female. He used the results of his John/Joan study to justify sex reassignment surgeries for thousands of other children.

But things didn't end so happily for the twins. Bruce suffered from severe depression throughout his life and ultimately committed suicide at age 38. His twin brother Brian, who suffered from depression and schizophrenia, died from a drug overdose at age 36.

Mona Charen, author of "Sex Matters," joined Glenn Beck to discuss how the modern feminist narrative regarding 'gender fluidity' and 'gender identity' is completely out of touch with science, despite conclusive (and tragic) examples such as the story of Bruce and Brian Reimer.

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