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Glenn Beck: Postmodern 'arrogant nonsense' is the 'cancer being taught to our children

Glenn Beck: Postmodern 'arrogant nonsense' is the 'cancer being taught to our children

Postmodern rhetoric is "the biggest pile of horse crap you've ever heard in you life. But it is the cancer being taught to our children and is in every aspect of our lives," Glenn Beck said on Tuesday's show.

Glenn proceeded to wax philosophical (complete with a professor's pipe) in an increasingly comical narrative about the liar's paradox, Socrates, Plato, and a hillbilly named Cletus.

Amusing though they were, Glenn's antics actually did have a purpose: to illustrate the postmodernist rhetoric that language is "totally subjective."

"It goes without saying that postmodernists reject science," Glenn said. "They argue that science is too prone to biases, and that it wrongly adheres to the objective truth. And, you know, there is no truth, there are only social constructions, as in: gender is a social construction ... that's what allows our infinite genders that can be changed at will."

He noted a 1996 mock-academic article in which physics professor Alan Sokal wrote that quantum gravity doesn't really exist, but is a social and linguistic construct. Sokal sent the parody article to a postmodern journal, which they published.

"They published an article which claims that gravity is a social construct," Glenn pointed out. "This has become the running joke of postmodernism. It is so full of arrogant nonsense that nobody really knows what it means, which is all the more ironic when you realize that the people who pretend to understand it, the people actually saying these words, reject the idea that words have any meaning at all."

As Alan Sokal said of postmodernism:

Many people are simply irritated by the arrogance and empty verbiage of postmodern discourse and by the spectacle of an intellectual community where everyone repeats sentences that no one understands.

Watch the video above (and try not to laugh) as Glenn makes a mockery of the arrogant postmodern nonsense that is so prevalent in today's academic communities.

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