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Glenn: ‘No one is coming to save you’ on health care

Glenn Beck

Americans are waiting for a savior to come in and fix the broken health care system and everything else that is wrong – but that’s not why our country was started, Glenn Beck pointed out on Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“No one is coming to save you,” Glenn warned.

Senate Republicans have delayed a vote on their health care plan after not guaranteeing enough votes to pass the bill. Generally speaking, moderate Republicans have objected that the plan doesn’t spend enough money on people in need, while conservative Republicans have said the bill isn’t a true repeal of Obamacare and won’t lower health care costs.

Washington politicians have no incentive to change their ways when they’re getting rich from backdoor deals and their own health care is taken care of, Glenn asserted.

“We don’t have anybody in Washington who actually cares about helping people,” he said.

Americans around the country are suffering as health care premiums go through the roof, but we can’t look to the president, Congress or a SWAT team to come in and save us. It's not the government's place to "fix" the health care system.

“It’s an un-American idea to hope for that,” Glenn said.

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