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Glenn's conversation with California teacher banned for questioning school's double standard on guns

Glenn Beck

Julianne Benzel was sent home during National School Walkout week over gun violence for simply questioning how Rocklin High School would react if a pro-life walkout were to happen.

The history teacher based in Rocklin, California, said her goal was to open up dialogue in her classroom last week but was instead placed on paid administrative leave because of two complaints from parents and students.

"Benzel wanted to discuss with her students the question of whether it’s appropriate for a school to support gun violence protests if it wouldn’t support other types of protests," wrote Aaron Colen for TheBlaze when details of the story surfaced.

Although she never discouraged students from walking out, she did challenge them. Something not very common in liberal academia. One student even changed their mind about the walkouts.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Benzel joined Glenn to shed light on those that rallied behind her and why it's so important.

Watch the interview above. 

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