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Hackers: It would take five minutes to hack into Mar-a-Lago

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A group of hackers decided to test out the cyber security at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. What they found was not comforting.

“Our inspections found weak and open Wi-Fi networks, wireless printers without passwords, servers with outdated and vulnerable software, and unencrypted login pages to back-end databases containing sensitive information,” the Gizmodo hackers said.

They claim the network was so unprotected it would have taken them about five minutes to hack into the Wi-Fi. Trump often hosts heads of state and foreign dignitaries at the Mar-a-Lago club, where he very likely discusses sensitive information.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Mar-a-Lago that had terrible cyber security; the hackers also found issues at the D.C. Trump hotel and his Virginia golf club.

In a statement, Trump Organization spokesman Amanda Miller said, “Our teams work diligently to deploy best in class firewall and anti-vulnerability platforms with constant 24/7 monitoring.”

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