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Here's the latest scapegoat Hillary Clinton now blames for her loss

Glenn Beck

People are still talking about the 2016 presidential election more than six months later. President Donald Trump can’t seem to stop protesting his opponents, while Hillary Clinton continues to explain her failed presidential campaign.

On Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Doc Thompson, Brad Staggs and Kris Cruz discussed Clinton’s latest interview trying to make excuses for why she lost the election to Trump at the 2017 Code Conference.

“For some reason, we cannot get beyond this [election],” Doc marveled. “Hillary can’t get beyond it, and Trump can’t get beyond this.”

Clinton named the Democratic National Committee, Facebook and Twitter bots as contributors to her loss in November, and Trump slammed her for the interview in a tweet.

“You won; just move on,” Doc said of Trump. “You’re president. We get it.”

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