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‘I’M PROOF’: Ex-NFL LB Corey Widmer says football ‘destroyed’ his life. Here's why.


Former New York Giants linebacker Corey Widmer has declined his nomination to be in the Montana Football Hall of Fame, saying if he could go back and tell his younger self not to do football, he would.

Widmer says the sport “destroyed my life” because of the long-term injuries he incurred, and he describes symptoms including severe depression and dangerous mood swings.

“I’m 49 years old, depressed to the nth degree but have a lot of money … and some people might say it’s still worth it. I just tell them to watch what they wish for,” Widmer said. “If someone could’ve explained all of this to me when I was 14, I would’ve given it all back in a heartbeat.”

Would you let your child play tackle football? Earlier this month in Illinois, a House committee sent a bill to lawmakers that would ban tackle football for children under 12 in organized youth sports programs. On today’s show, Doc and Kris sympathized with football players who battle injuries for the rest of their lives, but they couldn’t agree with Illinois that a ban is the answer.

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