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In the name of better pizza delivery, Domino's wants to fix potholes in 20 American cities

Glenn Beck

What's going on? 

When the government can't fix it, ask ... a pizza joint?

Domino's is teaming up with 20 cities around the country to repave roads with potholes through a grant partnership. Towns in California, Delaware, Georgia and Texas have already gotten the Domino's treatment with hundreds of filled-in potholes.

How did Domino's come up with this idea?

A Domino's spokeswoman told CNBC that it was all about a better customer experience. Potholes aren't exactly helpful for making sure your pizza gets to you on time and in the best condition.

Glenn's take: 

On today's show, Glenn praised Domino's for being an example of the American people's ingenuity and willingness to take care of things themselves.

"This is why I believe in America," he said. "Because I believe in the people of America."

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