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Jeff Roorda analyzes the Walter Scott mistrial on 'Tomi


Jeff Roorda, author of "The War on Police," joins Tomi Lahren to discuss the fallout from the mistrial in the Walter Scott case. Scott was fatally shot by Officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, South Carolina on April 4, 2015 as he attempted to flee from a routine traffic stop.

Slager's murder trial recently ended with a hung jury, and the prosecution has indicated they plan to retry the case. Protesters and Black Lives Matter activists have decried the mistrial as a miscarriage of justice, but Jeff explains that this is exactly how the criminal justice system is designed to operate.

"Those protestations, those presuppose that the system didn't work," Jeff points out. "I mean, this is how we determine guilt in this country. Two lawyers put on a case in front of a judge and twelve jurors, and then the twelve jurors have to be in agreement that a crime was committed. There was no agreement in this case."

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